Shropshire Bird and Wildlife Videos

by Maurice Baker

   Welcome to my YouTube Channel of Shropshire Birds. My short videos were filmed in my garden on the outskirts of Shrewsbury & out in the beautiful county of Shropshire. All my videos can be viewed on YouTube.

    I am retired now and have the time to indulge my passion for wildlife and birds in particular.
     The Channel contains 55 Videos, has 163 Followers and has had over 48,000 Views as of 28th Aug 2014.

I have more wildlife photographs on my website "Shropshire Bird & Wildlife Photographs"

You can keep up to date with my latest videos and photographs via my twitter page

A few of my favourite videos

My UK Garden Birds

Secret Life of the Robin


The Sounds of Spring

Most viewed   16,666 views


At Venus Pool

Bird song at Corbet Wood

 Last Updated  27th August 2014